Building applications manually can be difficult and time-consuming. An alternative method is to use a program such as Glade to build the interface using a graphical application in a “What You See Is What You Get” manner. The resulting file contains all the widgets and associated properties which are then automatically built at runtime.

The use of a WYSIWYG editor is beneficial as it requires less code to be written, interface changes are able to be made quicker, and people with no programming skills can still produce interfaces.


The Builder object is constructed using:

builder = Gtk.Builder()


Primarily, the interface will be added from the Glade-produced file:


Alternatively, it can be added from a string with:


An individual object can be obtained via:


The object string should point to a valid item name held within the Glade file.

All the items held by the Builder can be fetched and placed into a list with:


In combination with a dictionary, the signals can be connected automatically using the method: