The CellRenderer object provides a base for the other members of the CellRenderer family. It provides common methods and properties which may be useful when displaying information in a TreeView or ComboBox.


The visibility of a particular can be toggled with:


When the visible argument is set to False, the CellRenderer will be hidden.

Sensitivity of a CellRenderer can also be changed via:


Padding can be defined for the width and height by specifying the required value in pixels:

cellrenderer.set_padding(xpadding, ypadding)

Content within the CellRenderer can be aligned by calling the method:

cellrenderer.set_alignment(xalign, yalign)

A fixed width and height can also be set by using:

cellrenderer.set_fixed_size(width, height)

The width and height can be set to -1 to revert to automatic sizing.