A RadioToolButton provides a widget similar to a RadioButton for use within a Toolbar. When used with other RadioToolButton widgets, only one in the group can be active at a single time.


The RadioToolButton can be constructed using the following:

radiotoolbutton = Gtk.RadioToolButton(label, group)

The first constructor allows creation of a RadioToolButton with custom text. This is specified via the label paramter. The constructor also uses the group parameter identifiying the group the RadioToolButton belongs.



The methods listed below only apply to this widget and those that inherit from it. For more methods, see the ToolButton page. For more information on widget hierarchy, see Hierarchy Theory.

A group can be applied to the RadioToolButton via:


The name of the group which the RadioToolButton is attached to can also be specified with:


An active RadioToolButton can be set programatically using:


If active is set to True, the RadioToolButton will appear checked, while others in the group will be unchecked.

To check whether a RadioToolButton is active use the method:


If the method returns True, the RadioToolButton in the group is currently active.


The commonly used signals of an RadioToolButton are:

"toggled" (radiotoolbutton)

When the user clicks on the RadioToolButton and the state is changed to active or inactive, the "toggled" signal is emitted.


To view an example for this widget, see the Toolbar example.